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There are many steps between the concept of a great product and actually producing a marketable and profitable product and delivering it to your target market. From product concept, to specification drawings and 3D renderings, to creation of a prototype and production of your final product, nLightn Creative has the experience and talent necessary to make your product a success.


Conceptualization and Visualization

nLightn Creative can help you create your products. We can create detailed spec drawings, 3D renderings and 3D animations, as well as parts breakdowns, presentations and pricing sheets. We can provide you with professional product notebooks to help you get funding if needed, or to send to a manufacturer to create a prototype.



From the visual design of your product to the functionality, nLightn Creative can help you create your prototype. We have connections to many companies all over the world who specialize in many areas of product creation and manufacturing. We can connect you with these companies, as well as design all of the materials they will need to create your product or prototype. In many cases, we can even create your visual prototype ourselves, as we have skilled 3D and sculpture artists on hand.



When it comes time to manufacturing your product to deliver to your market, every penny counts. nLightn Creative understands this and stretches your dollars to allow you the highest profit margins. From the design of your product, to the production and packaging, we are conscious of your budget and ROI. Whether you are planning to manufacture your products in house, or outsource to an established manufacturer, nLightn Creative has the knowledge and connections to help make your manufacturing a success.

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