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balancedPerfectly Balanced

At nLightn Creative, we believe in a balanced web design that incorporates:

  • Graphics and Visual Design
  • Visual Effects (Flash, Button Rollovers)
  • Accessibility
  • Usability
  • Functionality
  • Marketing

Each of these elements is important. If your site sacrifices only 1 of these things, the effectiveness is decreased.


charmFits like a Charm

We believe strongly that every client is unique, and that each site requires a unique solution. Your website from nLightn Creative will fit your business needs, market and goals perfectly, and will be unique. You will never have to worry about one of your competitors publishing a site just like yours.


The nLightn Web Design Process

Over the years, we have honed our process to a science. We are able to consistently produce predictably great results by using a formula that works.

Web Design Process
  1. Discover: During this first step, we find out about your business, your competition, your market, and your goals. Through a series of highly targeted questionaires and thorough research, we are able to get a firm grasp on what the needs for your site are.
  2. Define: During this step we define the project scope and details. At this point, the site goals and overall plan are constructed.
  3. Structure: This step defines the content delivery plan for the site. It is also where the overall structure of your site, file naming, navigation and backend functionality are defined.
  4. Design: This is where the overall design, the "look and feel" of your site are determined. During this step, you will receive design layouts to choose from, refine, and ultimately approve.
  5. Create: By this point, all content should be ready. Our web designers create all of the pages, placing all content, graphics, navigation and back-end functionality together.
  6. Launch: This is the project delivery phase. Your site is published to the web after extensive user and program testing, the site launch plan is executed, and your site is submitted to search engines.
  7. Maintain: We offer several maintenance options, as well as marketing and advertising options. Every site we build and deliver, regardless of your choice of optional maintenance, is guaranteed to work. We do not consider a site complete until you are completely satisfied with it.

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