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Colorado web development and programmingAt nLightn Creative, we believe in a functional website. For many developers, the application of this belief ends with standard customer features and e-commerce. But, online technology is certainly capable of many more benefits for your business. That is where we come in.

We will work with you to determine ways that your site can increase your efficiency, decrease overhead and improve your bottom line. From intranets, extranets, project management software, customer management software, shipment management and inventory tracking to custom cell-phone enabled contact databases and field sales tools, our programmers can take your business to the next level.


Technical Knowledge:

At nLightn Creative, our technologists and programmers are "the cream of the crop" and are excited to work for our clients. They have a broad base of technical knowledge and programming knowledge, including:

  • programming languagesASP programming
  • PHP Programming
  • NET Programming
  • Java and Javascript
  • Perl
  • C++
  • And more...

In addition, they stay apprised of all advances in web and programming technology, including the newest SRS and Cell-Phone interface technologies.


Open-Source Customization

There is a large variety of open-source free solutions available on the net. The numbers grow every day. Unfortunately, open-source software is not "plug and play" software.

The Problem with Open-Source

  • Compatibility: Open-source software is usually built with a certain configuration in mind. Often, it will not work with other applications without extensive work.
  • Support: Since this software is free, there is often limited support and documentation available. Many times, the support cost will add up to hefty fees.
  • Installation: Installation of most open-source products leaves many average users frustrated at best.
  • Configuration: If you are able to successfully install the software, configuration to fit your needs usually requires changes to the actual code.
  • Features: Almost all open-source software is in continual development. Because of this, releases of the software may have bugs in functionality or in-complete features.
  • Warranty: All open-source software is accompanied by a denial of any warranty, express or implied of its usefulness for any purpose.

With these problems, you can see that it might appear that open-source products are not a good solution, but they also have many benefits.

Benefits of Open-Source

  • Cost: Open-Source solutions are usually absolutely free as distributed.
  • Features: Because this software is under constant development by an active community of users, it is often possible to request a new feature or changes in the product (at no cost). Try that with a commercial product!
  • Updates and Upgrades: The software will remain free through all updates, and so it continually grows with no cost to the user.
  • Quality and Security: With commercial software, you are relying on one company to provide the assurance that a software solution is secure, and is coded with standards in mind. Open-source software is developed by cooperation of bright people all over the world. It is continually tested and improved by users and programmers alike, and any problems are quickly noted and solved.
  • Customization: Because this software is open source, you can take it as it is or modify it to fit your business. Several open-source products can even be combined to form a new more powerful solution. There is no limitation to the customization that can be applied.

At nLightn Creative, our programmers and technicians effectively erase all of the problems with open-source software, so that your business realizes the greatest benefit. We have extensive knowledge installing, configuring and customizing open-source software.

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