ecomThe web has changed the way the world does business. With advances in technology, small companies can compete with large ones, and there is now a global competitive market. According to market research and projections, consumers will spend more than $100 Billion this year on the internet - up over 20% from last year. More than 90% of businesses have websites, and over 240 million North American users will use the internet to find those businesses.

Whether you have a single product to sell, or thousands of products, nLightn Creative has the solution.


Turn-Key or Boxed Solutions

From Miva Merchant to X-Cart Pro, there are literally thousands of e-commerce packages out there. We will consult with you to determine if one of these solutions is right for you. Our technologists have experience with many of these turn-key solutions, and will make sure that you make the right choice. We will then install it for you, configure it, and optionally add all of your products or provide training for you or your employees.


Open-Source Solutions

Open source software is free software available online. Often, this software has been developed in a community setting, with contributions from many people. While many of these solutions are very powerful, they are almost always difficult to install, configure and customize. For this reason, these software are not "plug and play." Our open-source customization and implementation crew is aware of common open-source software problems. They have experience with a huge number and variety of these software. They approach your project with the belief that there is no need to reinvent the wheel, but at the same time aware of the need to customize the software and leverage it to fit your business.


Custom eCommerce Solutions

Many times businesses find that there is not a perfect-fit solution that has already been developed for their business needs. In this case, nLightn Creative has the knowledge and tools to develop the perfect system at an affordable price. We have created dozens of custom e-commerce solutions that have many of the advanced features of high-end turn-key software, as well as custom features that you will not find in those same software. Additionally, our custom-fit solutions are often less expensive than comparable turn-key solutions.

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