Mobile Development

phoneappMore and more people all over the world are using their phones as a mobile browsing device. Additionally, phone applications are becoming the most popular development path for many developers because of the growing popularity and importance of smartphones.


Native Applications

App Store, App Marketplace, App World... just a few short years ago these didn't exist, and now they are talked about and used daily. Now, reaching a mobile audience with your prodiuct is not a dream, but a necessity. nLightn Creative has the experience and expertise necessary to leverage mobile sales.







Windows Mobile



Mobile Web Apps

Sometimes, the cost and development time of a native application can be supplanted by developing a mobile web app. Users will access your app online using their browser. Many of the features available in a native app are also available in a web app. Because of the older technology used on the web, it is faster and easier to build a webb app, ultimately costing less. nLightn Creative is experienced in developing webb apps for mobile browsers, and getting the most possible out of them.

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Mobile Development

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