Penny Auction Sites

While the number of penny auction sites is growing quickly, there are still no pre-built scripts available that work well. nLightn Creative has built many custom penny auction sites and we understand the challenges and solutions.

For a quality solution that offers no-lag timers, a reliable auto-bidder and full customization capability, contact us today.

When it comes to launching a successful penny auction website, one of the most important things to get right is the functionality. Seems pretty obvious, but 90% of penny auction start-ups fail, and the number one reason is that their sites don't work right. Of course, there are underlying factors, like insufficient budgets, bad planning and bad luck.

nLightn Creative can help... we have extensive experience launching successful penny auction websites. Due to working with several penny auctions, we have a code base that we can customize and build on top of to create a reliable, exciting and well-functioning penny auction site quickly. Being a custom developer, we do not sell a "script", but rather use our experience and code base to create a custom site for our clients.

Having a custom site and not one built on a "script' is important for a penny auction. Scripts are built to be as flexible as possible and offer a wide variety of features while running on the most generic server setups. The problem with this is related to the nature of penny auctions - they are processor intensive, and all the extra "fat' included in most scripts is a killer. By working with a custom developer, you get a lean, mean site that is created for your specific needs. As a bonus, you get a developer to optimize that site for your specific hosting environment, ensuring the best performance.

There are several comment elements to every penny auction site we build that are included in the development costs:

  • Core Functionality - A CMS, Auction Manager, User Manager, Promotion Manager and reporting
  • Custom Design - a custom design for your site
  • Server configuration - we will help with configuring and optimizing your server. We can also provide a server for you!
  • Training - we make sure you understand your site, including the administrative tools.
  • Launch Support - we are there at your most critical times to ensure your success.
  • Ongoing Support - Our sites come with a guarantee to be error free and to function within specs. We are also happy to help add new features or make adjustments over time.

This combination of features is everything that most site owners need. However, if you have other needs, we are able to customize the solution for you at low costs. Some of the options include:

  • Custom entertainment shopping features - ensure your site is unique and your visitors and members return often
  • Custom server setup, including load-balancing, cloud hosting and more.
  • Identity design (logo, business cards, etc...)
  • Payment Processor Integration - our solution works with Authorize.net and Paypal by default. If you are using a different processor, we can integrate them.
  • Outside system integration: have a shipping or warehouse API? Need to integrate with an eCommerce solution? Have a MLM or Affiliate system? No problem - we are professional developers with over 10 years of experience - there are not many challenges we haven't tackled.

Fill out a quick quote request, or call us today to learn more - (303) 900-8783.

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