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Print AdvertisingWhile the emergence and growth of online advertising is the wave of the future, for many markets print advertising is still king. If your message or market is suited to print advertising, nLightn Creative can help. Our designers and marketers have over 100 years combined experience working with print advertising in its many formats, from flyers and brochures to billboards adn vehicle graphics.


betweenlinesRead between the lines; is print advertising good for you?

Because of the lower cost and wider reach of online advertising, print advertising is not always the best choice. In order to determine if print advertising may be right for you, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Am I marketing to a local or regional audience? (Example: a landscaper trying to obtain customers in a specific neighborhood)
  2. Am I marketing to a specialty audience that has a print outlet? (Example: the readers of a reenactment magazine)
  3. Am I marketing in a way that suits itself to print? (Example: a credit card company that requires a paper response from potential customers)
  4. Am I marketing in person or at an event? (Example: door-to-door or at a tradeshow)

If you answer yes to any of these questions, print may be a good solution for your marketing needs.


Same rules, different arena

Whether you are creating online advertising or print advertising, the same basic rules still apply. An effective print advertising campaign and design involves several criteria:

  • Well-Targeted: Make sure you understand your market and their needs, and have a plan for delivering to as specific a demographic as you can
  • Emotional Hooks: Make sure your pieces appeal to the base emotions that motivate action in your audience
  • Catchy Design: Get the attention of your readers
  • Touches: Many print advertising campaigns gain effectiveness with multiple "touches" - sometimes as many as 7 to 8 rounds of mail pieces
  • Tracking: Make sure you have a method to track the effectiveness of your campaigns so you understand your ROI

Our designers can help you create an effective print marketing campaign that fulfills all of these criteria.

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