Viral Marketing Strategies

viral"Word of mouth" or referral marketing is often the most powerful and effective marketing you can do. Allowing your satisfied customers to help you sell your product or service is a great idea. nLightn Creative is well-versed in Viral Strategies which leverage your existing customer base.


The $0 Lead

There is no better customer than the one that costs you nothing to obtain. Many viral marketing strategies require no cost. This makes them a "no-brainer" that many of your competitors are overlooking. Generally, viral customers are easier to convert as well, because they approach your company with a positive attitude and outlook.


affiliateThe Viral Sales Team

Affiliate and referral systems can greatly increase sales for many companies. Technology and online systems make setting up an effective affiliate system easy and low-cost. nLightn Creative has years of experience creating effective and efficient affiliate and referral marketing systems. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you harness the selling power of your customers.

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